Index Minister launches “one household one hectare” programme with 14 ha land handover
Date Added: 11 November 2015

Two patches of land near Kenton-on-Sea in the Ndlamble Local Municipality, with a combined area of 14 ha, was officially handed over by the Minister of Rural Development and Land Reform, Gugile Nkwinti, to local community members as part of International Poverty Eradication day at the end of October.

Earmarked for the growing of maize, onions and potatoes, the patches of land, measuring eight and six hectares respectively, will benefit a total of 14 households who have each been given one hectare to care for, as part of a programme known as “one household one hectare”.

Speaking to Sarah Baartman News shortly after assisting the beneficiaries in planting a number of potatoes, Minister Nkwinti stated that the programme, first drawn up by government three years ago, not only aims to reduce poverty, but also act as a catalyst for the creation of black commercial farmers.

“We want to ensure that this opportunity develops farmers operating on a small scale. As such, the people here will get use right certificates, which would act as security when they go to the banks,” Minister Nkwinti said.

Having visited the Sarah Baartman District in August this year as part of announcing the department’s agri-parks initiative in Addo, Minister Nkwinti added that the “one household one hectare” programme ties in by virtue of focusing on the principles of economic growth and ensuring food security.

“When we went to Addo, I wanted to see for myself the state of readiness, and I came away impressed. In terms of the model, what we have here is a production site. Whatever is grown will be sold, that I have no doubt about, but the surplus remaining will be send to the agri-park,” the Minister said.

“In addition, the producers will form part of the equity ownership, meaning they will not only receive an income, but also a share of agri-park. This would act as an incentive for them to work harder, sell and reap the benefits at the end of each year”.

Addressing the workers, consisting mostly out of woman, at the conclusion of the handover, Sarah Baartman District Municipality Executive Mayor Khunjuzwa Eunice Kekana remarked that pride and effort needs to be shown if a worthwhile harvest rates as the main requirement.

“When sowing a seed, you need to do that with love. You won’t reap anything if you don’t plant with love. Poverty is the main issue that we have, hence we are thankful for what has happened today,” Executive Mayor Kekana said.

“We all to take good care of this area as it will depend on you whether this fails or succeeds”.

CAPTION: Rural Development and Land Reform Minister Gugile Nkwinti (at the rear with white shirt) accompanies the beneficiaries of the farm along with Sarah Baartman District Municipality Executive Mayor Khunjuzwa Eunice Kekana (extreme right, first row)