Index Kowie FM relaunched as Ndlambe FM
Date Added: 23 November 2015

According to an online source (The Announcer): Saturday saw the relaunch of Kowie FM, or rather Ndlambe FM, as it will be more accurately known from now on, in the forecourt of their new home at Rosehill Mall. Transmitter problems took the station off the air for about three months, but these have now hopefully been solved, so residents of Ndlambe can once again tune into 99.0 to listen not only to their favourite music but also to hear the morning magazine programmes.

On that note, Peter Grist’s Classical Music programme took to the air again on Sunday, just in time for a solemn Remembrance Day celebration.  Sue Gordon will be doing a Tuesday magazine programme as often as she can, and hopes to share the Tuesday spot with one or two other presenters.  Kowie FM is calling for people to do weekday magazine programmes once a month or more often, if at all possible.  The slots that need filling are from 09h00 to 12h00 Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Thursdays are apparent to be reserved for programmes of a religious nature.

Presenting on community radio is great fun, but fairly hard work, considering that it is done on a voluntary basis. Presenters can cover any subject they please, e.g. history, community outreach, music, biographies, home d├ęcor, health and fitness, or anything they feel could be interesting to listeners. No prior experience is required, as it is possible to learn the ropes fairly quickly. A number of presenters and DJ’s from Nemato and elsewhere flight music programmes throughout the week, but more presenters are always welcome and those with experience are more than willing to help out and offer some training on the equipment, as is station manager, Donovan Oosthuizen. Ndlambe FM belongs to the people of Ndlambe, so let them know if they are doing something you don’t like and don’t be afraid to phone in and make your voice heard if there’s something on your mind