Index Sundays River Valley Municipality acquires five vehicles for better service delivery
Date Added: 14 January 2016

The Sundays River Valley Local Municipality has, in a bid to speed up basic services and conforming to the mandate of the current administration of putting people first, bought five service delivery vehicles, which will work to service the communities of Addo, Paterson and Kirkwood.

Speaking to the local media, Sundays River Valley Local Municipality Mayor, Zolile Lose, said, “The mandate of the current council is to speed up basic service delivery, which is Pillar 1 of the Back to Basics initiative."

The acquisition of these vehicles come after an incident when the municipality’s offices were unfortunately burnt down last year by protesting residents.

During the handover, Mayor Lose also said, “There are more vehicles on the cards, including a truck, which will help in curbing the challenge of sewerage within the municipality.”

These vehicles are expected to arrive sometime before the end of January 2016.

Image: Sundays River Valley Mayor, Zolile Lose (right), with the municipality's Chief Financial Officer, Nkosazana Ponco (middle), receiving keys of the service delivery vehicles.