Index Santam “Adopt a Municipality” campaign vital for Sarah Baartman - Mayor Kekana
Date Added: 01 April 2016

The Executive Mayor of the Sarah Baartman District Municipality, Khunjuzwa Eunice Kekana, has described the municipality’s adoption by short term insurer Santam as part of its “Adopt a Municipality” campaign, as an invaluable partnership that will have a significant impact on the district’s economy and residents.

Addressing Santam representatives, stakeholders, municipal officials and members of the Sarah Baartman District Municipality Mayoral committee during a disaster management engagement session at the Radisson Hotel in Port Elizabeth in mid-March, Mayor Kekana stated that while challenges in the District are unlikely to be resolved immediately, the link-up with Santam would go some ways to help resolve it.

“The challenges we face in the Sarah Baartman District are not only restricted to natural disasters such as flooding and fires, but also infrastructure like roads and housing,” Mayor Kekana said.

“We need the private sector to support us with financial resources and technical advice. In this regard, we are extremely grateful for Santam to adopt us as part of its “Adopt a Municipality” initiative”.

Referring to the recent spate of environmental disasters that have affected the District, Mayor Kekana stated that the methods to resolve these puts a significant strain on municipal resources, which are often used for other much needed projects. 

She also remarked that partnership would reap significant benefits for both parties as “neither can function without each other”.

“As the District, what we are saying is that we need to work together. We are the municipality, you are business…we need to take each other forward to grow the economy and better the lives of our people,” Mayor Kekana said.

Speaking directly after, Santam Market Development Chief Executive Temba Mvusi said the initial decision to adopt the municipality in June last year, continues to rate an exciting venture “which give us the opportunity to promote a better understanding of risks and how to management it”.

“Local government is everybody’s business. Over the years, we have developed a holistic risk management approach aimed at local governments. As Santam, we remain committed to strengthen the capacity of disaster management centres (in Sarah Baartman), and driving support where our clients and service providers live and work,” Mvusi.

The evening concluded with Mvusi and Santam Head for Sustainability, Ray-ann Seders, handing over a cheque of R50 000 to Friends of St Francis Nature Areas head, Prof Richard Cowling, for its efforts to protect the heritage of a 132 ha stretch of indigenous plant and animal life in the St Francis area.