Index Sarah Baartman District Municipality Concerned by Increase in Covid-19 Cases
Date Added: 28 May 2020

The Sarah Baartman District Municipality has noted during its latest JOC (Joint Operations Committee) meeting held today that the highest number of new infections in the area has been recorded in the past week. The current statistics indicate that there are 32 new infections in the district making the current positive cases of Covid-19 in Sarah Baartman District 73 with a total of 2 deaths recorded. 


The Executive Mayor of Sarah Baartman District Municipality, Cllr Khunjuzwa Eunice Kekana said that, “this increase in statistics is very concerning since the municipality has been trying its best to assist the Department of Health in flattening the curve.” The Mayor also noted with concern that there seems to be growing tension in the communities which is leading to the stigmatization of those affected by Covid-19. The Mayor said, “I request that communities remain calm and treat those who have tested positive with dignity and that we respect their human rights as they are going through difficult times...unfortunately there is no cure for this virus yet, thus we continue to ask community members to adhere to the regulations as we move to alert level 3. People must continue to wash their hands with soap and water, maintain social distancing and always wear a cloth face mask when in public.”


The Sarah Baartman District Municipality is working closely with all sector departments and stakeholders to ensure that safety measures are put in place. Currently the municipality is assisting the Department of Basic Education through doing verification visits at all the schools in the district which will open on 1 June 2020. These visits include ensuring that water is available and that ablution facilities are functional.


The municipality is also preparing for more staff to come back to the offices and ensuring that the necessary precautionary measures are in place to make sure that this process runs smoothly, thus ensuring the safety of all staff.