Index Sarah Baartman District Continues to Battle Drought
Date Added: 11 June 2020

The Sarah Baartman District Municipality, which covers seven local municipalities, is still battling with the persistent drought and water shortage across the district. The current weather forecasts show that the following three months will be particularly dry with minimal rainfall projected across the district.

The current dam levels in the district are:


Residents are urged to use water sparingly and adhere to a limit of 25 litres per person a day for a maximum of four (4) people per household.  Residents are also requested to report water leaks to their respective local municipality and to follow water saving tips.

The municipality also encourages community members to continue adhering to the hygiene tips issued by the Department of Health in relation to Covid-19, such as washing hands regularly with soap and water.

Here is some basic water saving tips for your home: