Index Cacadu Internship Programme bridging graduates with the workplace
Date Added: 31 October 2012

During a recent Council meeting of the Cacadu District Municipality, the Executive Mayor, Cllr Khunjuzwa Eunice Kekana, introduced eight of the nine previously unemployed graduates who will be doing internships within various departments of the District Municipality. “While we were finalising the District Municipality’s Integrated Development Plan (IDP) and Budget, a key issue that stood out was job creation,” explained Executive Mayor Kekana to members of the Council.

She added; “It is with great pleasure and excitement that I report that the R1 million that was set aside by the Cacadu District Municipality for our unemployed graduates programme has yielded results.”

“After shortlisting and interviewing, interns were appointed for a period of two years in a number of areas, including Performance Management, Supply Chain Management, Finance, Information Technology, Engineering, Economic Development and Tourism, Rural Development, Corporate Services and Public Relations.”