Index Rietbron now connected with Cacadu and the world
Date Added: 31 October 2012

The small community of Rietbron, in the Baviaans Local Municipality, is the latest town to be connected to the Connect with Cacadu initiative. The latter is a project of the Cacadu District Municipality.

Launched in 2008, the Connect with Cacadu initiative seeks to develop human capital and brings free access to Information Technology services – email, internet, information on government services, computer tutorials, school curriculum based activities, life skills, health and Childline advice, amongst other things. According to the town’s new Librarian, Liesbet Matthee, there are about 2 500 people living in Rietbron.

“The access to Internet services will benefit residents as it will be easier to connect with the outside world. Rietbron is a very secluded town. No printed media is sold in the area and the nearest filling station is 80 km away. Cellular telephone reception is also poor, thus communication with the rest of society is a challenge at the best of times. Hopefully things are set to change,” said Matthee.

She also said that the town’s residents have greeted the initiative with open arms, despite the fact that many are not computer literate.

“Our first priority is to develop the computer skills of residents,” explained Matthee.
She said that she was hopeful that exposure to the internet will result in residents accessing information on education, employment and economic opportunities. About her new job as Head Librarian, Matthee said that she is very excited and ready to improve the lives of the community.

“My role, which has been enhanced by the Connect with Cacadu project, will be to provide lots of support to those people who were previously disadvantaged,” said Matthee.

Residents can access the ‘Connect with Cacadu’ service by registering at Rietbron Library, where they will get a library number. A special password will be assigned to them, after which they will be able to access the internet for free for 45 minutes at a time. More time will be allowed if required.

“Together with the residents of Rietbron, we would like to thank the Cacadu District Municipality for this welcome initiative,” she said.