Index Animal Outreach to Baviaans
Date Added: 29 January 2013

One of the animals undergoing a procedure.

One of the animals undergoing a procedure.

The Cacadu District Municipality recently concluded an animal outreach project in the community of Steytlerville, in the Baviaans Local Municipality. The outreach was arranged by the Environmental Health division of the Cacadu District Municipality, at the request of members of the community.

The aim of the initiative was to prevent the spread of diseases such has rabies and mange, to prevent humans for contracting the diseases and to tend to sick and wounded dogs and cats.

A total of 125 dogs were immunized, while 25 cats were dipped, dewormed and inoculated. In addition, 50 dogs and 7 cats were sterilized and treated during the outreach.

The Cacadu District Municipality would like to extend their appreciation to Dr De Beer from Mount Pleasant Veterinary services for his assistance as well as Animal Outreaches, a non-profit organisation, and the community of Steytlerville.