Index Cacadu District Municipality investing in education
Date Added: 25 April 2013

The Executive Mayor of the Cacadu District Municipality visited Vusumzi Primary School in Addo, Sundays River Valley Local Municipality, and invested in the future wellbeing of the school and its learners by donating a much needed photocopier.

The handover was the result of interactions between the Cacadu District Municipality and the school when the Executive Mayor visited various schools in the area in January 2013, with the purpose of assessing their status quo.

Present at this gathering was the Executive Mayor herself and the Educators of Vusumzi Primary. The Executive Mayor was welcomed wholeheartedly by the Educators as well as the HOD of the school, Mr Britz.

During the Executive Mayor’s visit in January, it was clear that an urgent intervention was necessary for Vusumzi Primary. In the past, Vusumzi personnel had to make use of neighbouring schools, also operating on minimal resources, in order to make photocopies.

In conclusion to the handover event, the Executive Mayor praised the dedication of the Educators and encouraged them to keep up the good work knowing that with a new photocopier and fax machine, daily tasks will be made a bit easier to accomplish.