Index Public hearing held in Cacadu on the Restitution of Land Rights Bill
Date Added: 12 November 2013

Public hearing held in Cacadu on the Restitution of Land Rights Bill

The Sundays River Valley Local Municipality, within the Cacadu District, hosted a public hearing yesterday regarding the Restitution of Land Rights Bill. Members of Parliament, the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform, officials and Councillors from the Sundays River Valley Local Municipality and the Cacadu District Municipality gathered at Mzomhle Community hall in Moses Mabida in Sundays River Valley for the hearing. Among those present delegates was Chief Mandla Mandela, who said that he felt it was very necessary for him to be part of this delegation because he wanted to insure that the vision of his grandfather, Nelson Mandela, were honoured.

The purpose of this gathering was to follow up on the statement made by President Jacob Zuma during the state of the nation address, delivered in February. The President stated that everyone that lost their land during the oppression has a right to claim it back, even after all this time. Initially, the process of claiming back lost land was closed in 1998, however a second chance will now be given to those who failed to meet the deadline in 1998. The new deadline for submission of claims is 31 December 2018.

An increased effort will be made by Government to minimise fraudulent claims and to make use of the youth throughout South Africa to distribute booklets with more information about how to go about submitting a legitimate claim for land. These youngsters will not only be handing out booklets, but will be trained to assist those who are illiterate, amongst other things. The booklets will be available in all South African official languages.

It is of great importance for the public to know that once they have agreed to sell their land, they will not be able to reclaim it again. When you claim you are given two options, namely, you will be financially compensated or you will receive land. In the latter case, government will assist you to work the land in order to generate an income. Chief Mandla pleaded with the community not to wait until the last minute to submit their claims.