Index Cacadu not affected by 2013 re-demarcation of boundaries
Date Added: 16 January 2014

Communities within the Cacadu District will be relieved to note that there were no major municipal boundary changes in the District Municipality at the conclusion of the Municipal Demarcation Board’s 2011-2013 Boundary Review programme.

A municipal boundary change is a thorny issue among many communities as it means that some residents are removed from their current municipality and forced to be governed by a new local authority.

“The Cacadu District had only minor borderline issues to address when it came to demarcation”, described Speaker of the Cacadu District Municipality, Deon de Vos.

In the Cacadu District, the Municipal Demarcation Board sought to fix instances where a single farm was divided up in to municipalities. Such cases were noted between Ndlambe and Makana local Municipalities; the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Municipality and the Kouga Local Municipality; the Ikwezi and Baviaans local municipalities as well as between the Kou-kamma and Kouga local municipalities.

“I think we will really see debate when it comes to the demarcation of ward boundaries- from previous experience, this is usually where residents voice their opinions.” said de Vos.

The new municipal boundaries will come into effect when the local government elections are held in 2016.