Index State of the Nation Address 2014
Date Added: 27 February 2014

The Cacadu District Municipality, together with Government Communication and Information Systems (GCIS), recently arranged a public viewing of the State of the Nation Address. The President’s speech was delivered in Cape Town, while the viewing took place at the Hankey Community Hall in the Kouga Local Municipality. It was President Jacob Zuma's fifth State of the Nation Address and the last of his current term. Present at the viewing, to highlight and explain the issues that stood out from the speech, was the Speaker of the Cacadu District Municipality, Cllr Deon de Vos.

The speech reflected mostly on the progress achieved during the past 20 years of freedom. He highlighted the events that have taken place over these years and how far the country has truly come. The President stated in his speech the importance of job creation and how the unemployment rate has decreased in recent years. There are now 15 million people with jobs in the country, the highest in the history of South Africa. He also did not ignore the fact that there are many people who are still unemployed in South Africa and that there is still a lot of work to be done in that regard. President Zuma emphasized that all the achievements thus far would not have been possible without the commitment of both official and fellow South Africans.

The President also made mention of successes such as the 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup and other key soccer, rugby and cricket tournaments, which left a tangible feeling of pride and unity among all South Africans. He also touched on the launch of the National Education Collaboration Framework that was an important development in our country.

He also touched on combatting fraud and corruption, which is still a problem today. Since the launch of the National Anti-corruption Hotline by the Public Service Commission, over 13 000 cases of corruption and mal-administration have been referred to government departments for further handling and investigation. The Speaker reminded the community to report any corrupt activities that they are aware of. The Speaker also urged the community to work with the Municipality to attend to such corruption.