Index Youth Month Celebration
Date Added: 25 June 2014

The Cacadu District Municipality, in partnership with Kou-Kamma Local Municipality, recently embarked on hosting a youth month celebration day in commemoration of the youth of 1976 who contributed to the liberation struggle.

The celebrations were held in Coldstream, situated in the Kou-Kamma Local Municipality. All nine settlements around Kou-Kamma were represented in the programme of the day, while a number of the other local municipalities in the District were also represented. Dignitaries and guests were entertained at the Coldstream sports grounds by local singing and dancing groups.

The community present was addressed by Mayor Sam Vuso, of Kou-Kamma Local Municipality, as well as the Portfolio Councillor for Economic Development at the Cacadu District Municipality, Noel O’Connel. During Cllr O’Connel’s address, he highlighted the progress that the youth of the District have made in generating an income and creating a livelihood as a result.

Cllr O’Connel also stressed how important it is to commemorate such historically significant days. He concluded by reminding the youth that they have freedom of expression and a better chance at developing themselves with a determination for change.