Date Added: 16 October 2014


Sarah Baartman District Municipality (SBDM) formerly known as Cacadu District held its Council meeting, on the 15th of October 2014. The session was chaired by the Speaker of Council and in attendance was attended by representatives from various local municipalities of the District.

Amongst the issues discussed and resolved was the following:

· Name Change – The District name has been formally changed to Sarah Baartman from 01 September 2014. A Task team has been formed that will deal with the detail of the issues which include branding and official launch.

· On 01 October 2014 a delegation comprising of 06 Doctors from Shanxi Provincial Health Department, Peoples’ republic of China visited SBDM. The main purpose was to exchange experiences and ideas about the Medical and Health conditions of Shanxi Province and the Eastern Cape Province. The visit was a result of the MOU signed between the former Cacadu District and Shanxi Province Health Department in November 2011. The leader of the Shanxi medical delegation advocated for the introduction of an exchange programme for nursing students from SBDM and Shanxi Province.

· During the recent Local Government Summit that was called by President, Cacadu was named as one of the Top performing municipalities. This has happened many times in the Province as Cacadu has won the Vuna Awards hosted by Department of Cooperative Governance in the Province as having achieved unqualified audit for the past 7 years consecutively. Executive Mayor Kekana during the Council meeting announced that the funds that they have been won in the recent Vuna Awards will be used for educational and capacity building programmes for the 147 Councilors of the District Municipality.

· Executive Mayor appreciated the sponsorship of R70000 she successfully obtained from Standard Bank for Early Childhood Development (ECD) Projects in the District. The funding is to be used to purchase furniture, educational toys and books for Grade R pupils, as well as feminine hygiene products for older schoolgirls. She then requested Mayors to identify the most impoverished ECD schools in their respective areas who can benefit from this sponsorship.

· Executive Mayor also highlighted the MuniMEC presentation on traditional initiation by Department of Cogta-EC on 10 October 2014 in response to challenges of deaths and complications that have occurred, that Councilors need to play an active part in seeing to it that young men from their areas who are to undergo traditional initiation ritual to be educated of the dangers that they face should proper health care procedures not be followed, and that properly trained persons perform the circumcision.

In ending her input she highlighted that there is an Athletics team for the Municipality and everyone should support and encourage it as it assist in boosting staff morale.


Siphokazi Tom – Sarah Baartman District, Public Relations Officer

041 508 7082

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