Index Executive Mayor Khunjuzwa Kekana welcomes the Dr Ruth Mompati District Municipality.
Date Added: 04 November 2014

The Sarah Baartman District Municipality (SBDM) was visited by a delegation from Dr Ruth Mompati (DRM) District Municipality in the North West Province. This delegation was led by Councilor C.E. Tladinyane who is the Executive Mayor of the DRM District Municipality.The visit’s main objective was for the Sarah Baartman District Municipality and the DRM District to sign a memorandum of understanding. This event took place in Tsitsikamma.

The purpose of this agreement is to exchange experience and knowledge on the different aspects of local government administration, institutional transformation, and organizational change management and improve and facilitate relations with constituent local municipalities. The MOU also focuses on encouraging cooperation between the business communities’ of both areas especially medium and small businesses. This memorandum of understanding will serve as a platform for Sarah Baartman District Municipality and Dr Ruth Mompati District Municipality to benchmark and share good practices for the purpose of improving and enhancing the local economic development strategies of both Municipalities. It will also assist both District Municipalities to implement projects on cross-cutting issues such as youth, women, people with disabilities and vulnerable children. The two District Municipalities will also assist each other with any other assistance and support where necessary.

During their three days visit to the District, the delegation was joined by the Sarah Baartman District Municipality Delegation which was led by Executive Mayor Khunjuzwa Kekana and Speaker Deon de Vos. The Sarah Baartman District Municipality was given an opportunity to showcase what the District has to offer. The visit will mainly focus was on the Tsitsikamma area in the Kou kamma Local Municipality. The delegation took part in some of the tourist activities in Kou Kamma.

The delegation was also taken to see some of the major projects in the area, for example the Heights Tea Estate and the Wind energy farm named Cennergi (pty) which is an independent energy producer.