Date Added: 16 February 2015

The Executive, Mayor Councilor Khunjuzwa kekana of Sarah Baartman District Municipality handed over learning material to Tom Kasibe Primary school as well as Luncedo Crèche in Steytlerville .The aim of the handover was to assist the children and teachers of these two schools and turn these schools into a safe and productive environment for all pupils.

With the theme of back to basics, Executive Mayor Kekana saw it necessary that the needs of the schools are being met, so that the District can invest in our children’s future. It is very important to our Council that we try and fight poverty and educating a child is the first step in fighting poverty in our District.

During this handover, Mayor Kekana while addressing the parents, educators and pupils quoted the former president Nelson Mandela saying “To be able to lead a country or to be a leader, you need to be schooled and have a good quality education, irrespective of your race, nationally or indeed disability, She also encouraged the teachers “Despite the challenges facing them in their field of work, they continue to work hard.

Both teachers and parents of the pupils were present at this programme and were given an opportunity to speak. They were all very grateful for what the Executive mayor has done and urged her to continue with her good work.