Index Sarah Baartman District Municipality invests in education
Date Added: 16 February 2015

The Executive Mayor of the Sarah Baartman District Municipality, Khunjuzwa Eunice Kekana, together with the Speaker of Council, Deon De Vos, recently handed over 41 cheques of R5000 each to top performing Grade 12's from 2014. The handovers took place in the Kouga Local Municipality, Makana Local Municipality as well as the Camdeboo Local Municipality.

"As the District, we realized that the majority of these students come from a previously disadvantaged background and would need assistance in order to successfully enter tertiary education. We wanted to invest in the future of these promising students," said the Executive Mayor during one of the handovers. 

The handover were also attended by learners who are currently in Grade 12 as well as the School Principles, officials and Councillors from the Sarah Baartman District Municipality and the respective local municipalities and representatives of the three Education Districts in the Sarah Baartman District.

The Executive Mayor also praised the dedication of the Educators and encouraged them to keep up the good work.