Index Municipal Demarcation Board to visit Sarah Baartman District in April
Date Added: 01 April 2015

The Municipal Demarcation Board has scheduled several public meetings across the Eastern Cape, including in the Sarah Baartman District Municipality, to discuss the proposed amalgamation of several municipalities that are not doing well into ones that are performing better.

In the Sarah Baartman District Municipality, the board is expected to meet with stakeholders and residents in the Ikwezi, Baviaans and Camdeboo local municipalities.

Public meetings will be held between the 15th and 17th of April.

Elsewhere in the Eastern Cape, the Municipal Demarcation Board will meet residents about the proposed mergers of the Gariep and Maletswai Municipalities; the Nxuba and Nkonkobe Municipalities and the Inkwanca, Tsolwana and Lukhanji Municipalities.

Meanwhile, residents of Nxuba Local Municipality on Monday reportedly protested against being merged into the Nkonkobe Local Municipality, which they say is too far away at 90km.

Some said they prefer instead that their municipality - which includes the towns of Adelaide and Bedford and surrounding farms, be amalgamated into the Sarah Baartman District’s Blue Crane Route Local Municipality, which is only 30km away.