Infrastructure Development and Community Services

The South African Constitution assigns municipalities the duty of ensuring the provision of basic services; promoting social and economic development and a safe and healthy environment in which to live and work. Therefore, the Department of Infrastructure Services and Planning plays a key role in the delivery of infrastructure services throughout the Sarah Baartman District.

The District municipality does not provide services in respect of water, roads, waste management and electricity in the District. The local municipalities deal with service delivery, with the District Municipality providing funding for capital projects in order to implement infrastructure related services.

Some examples are of services implemented as a result of the provision of adequate funding includes:

General town planning support is provided to Local Municipalities. Furthermore, the Sarah Baartman District Municipality has entered into an agreement with the Baviaans Local Municipality and the Makana Local Municipality to officially assist those municipalities with the processing of land use management applications.

Other functions of the Department include:


The sanitation function of the municipality is administered by the Department of Infrastructure Services and Planning. The strategic objective of this function is to capacitate local municipalities to provide every household with a basic level of service.

Annual performance as per key performance indicators in sanitation services


Indicator name

Total number of household/customer expected to benefit

Previous years achievement level


Percentage of households with access to sanitation services




Percentage of indigent households with access to free basic sanitation services




Since 2006, the Department delivered the following community services:

The Department of Infrastructure Development and Community Services of the Sarah Baartman District Municipality has also undertaken a number of upliftment projects, including:

Fire and Hazmat awareness project at schools in 2011

During the 2010/11 Financial Year, the Sarah Baartman District Municipality installed fire extinguishers at a number of schools in the District. In addition, the Department launched an educational programme informing learners and teachers about:

During the project, a total of 73 schools were visited, while 6344 learners and 251 educators were informed about these possible hazards.

The Department also undertook conducted fire fighter training, Hazmat awareness and level 3 First Aid training of 28 local volunteers; purchased 3 Hazmat trailers and equipment for Blue Crane Route, Camdeboo and Kouga Local Municipalities at the cost of R1 million; purchased firefighting equipment in support of the 6 Fire Protections Associations located throughout the District; and purchased new fire trucks for Ikwezi, Blue Crane Route and Ndlambe Local Municipalities at the cost of R1.5 million and firefighting equipment to the value of R500 000.

Restoration of fire hydrants

The Department recently identified the need to restore a significant number of fire hydrants, located within Local Municipalities throughout the District. The aim of the project was to reduce fire risk and ensure availability of adequate water supplies in the event of a fire. In addition, the project focused on transferring the necessary skills needed for restoring hydrants to members of the local communities. This project involved the painting, marking and testing of fire hydrants in Local Municipalities, amongst other things.

Rainwater harvesting

The recent drought conditions in the Eastern Cape necessitated the need to relook the storage of water meant for human consumption. As such, the Sarah Baartman District Municipality provided water tanks to all the settlements in the District in order to augment the existing bulk water supply. With the installation of these tanks, Local Municipalities such as Ikwezi were able to provide water to the towns of Jansenville and Klipplaat, while Ndlambe Local Municipality could provide water for the towns of Alexandria, Bathurst and Port Alfred. The District Municipality recently installed 1000 tanks in Pearston, and will shortly install another 1000 in Paterson. These community based projects all employ residential volunteers in order to further benefit the local communities.

Job creation

The need to upgrade the roads and stormwater infrastructure of Rietbron Township has been identified, leading to an amount of R6 million being made available through the Municipal Infrastructure Grant (MIG) in order to implement this project over a 3 year period.

The aim is to create employment opportunities and transfer skills to the local labour pool and small contractors through this Public Works Programme. Ultimately, a brick paving manufacturing plant will be established and local residents trained in the required skills in order to lay the 33 600m2 of paved internal streets in Rietbron. The project has been registered with the Department of Roads and Public Works. In support of the project, the Department has procured the small tools and protective clothing necessary for phase 1 to commence.

In the 2010/11 financial year, the Sarah Baartman District Municipality budgeted for an amount of R 600,000 with which to purchase the brick-making machine, while a further R2 million has been provided for the implementation of Phase 1, which entails the upgrade of 3 roads.

The construction progress as at 18 April 2011 was as follows:

By the end of March 2011, 47 people were employed and accommodated on the municipality’s payroll. In addition, 31 people were trained in the basics of health & safety and risk assessment.

Community Food Gardens

A number of community food gardens were initiated and funded by the Department in order to positively contribute to improving the nutritional food sources of these communities. The project involved the procurement and delivery of garden implements, seeds and equipment for 14 gardens to be established in Ikwezi and Baviaans Local Municipalities as well as the area previously known as the District Management Area.

Director of Infrastructure Development Community Services: Ms Theodora Betha
Portfolio Councillor: Ms Khululwa Ncamiso