Achievements to date

The Sarah Baartman District Municipality, and the former Cacadu District Municipality, has earned a number of prestigious awards, due in part to the adherence to good governance, strategic financial management and a focus of cleaner administration. They include the following:

Unqualified audit opinions (2006/2007 – 2012/2013)

- 7 Consecutive unqualified audit outcomes

VUNA Awards (2010/2011 – 2012/2013)

- Awards for continuous maintenance of unqualified audit opinion
- Awards for Best Mayor in the Eastern Cape

Clean Audit opinions (2013/2014 & 2014/2015)

2 Consecutive clean audit outcomes

ZK Matthews Award (2015)

2nd Best performing ANC run municipality in South Africa.

Govan Mbeki Housing Awards (2016)

Best Human Settlements Stakeholder

Getaway Consumer Show Award (2016)

Best Local Destination

Swiss Tourism Award (2009)

Sport & Adventure category winner

Web Design Award (2011)

Tourism website award for ease of navigation

Rebrand 100 Global Awards (2011)

“7 Wonders of our World” recognised as one of the world’s most effective brands