Start Date: 30 October 2013
End Date: 02 November 2013
Venue: Jansenville

Growers, buyers, manufacturers, sellers, fashion designers and interior decorators from around the globe, the Mohair industry is all ready for the international Mohair Summit. The Karoo, Eastern Cape, South Africa, home to the world's finest Angora goats, are to exchange innovations, grow new markets, explore new applications and experience first-hand the splendour of the place around which the Mohair industry revolves.

The International Mohair Summit, which will take place from 30 October – 2 November 2013 in Jansenville, is a showcase of the Mohair Industry in South Africa, placing the Eastern Cape as one of the leaders globally in the production of Mohair.

The Summit, which was first introduced to the industry in 2009 has since grown in size and reach, and will this year be held at the heart of the Mohair route, Jansenville, where the idea was first born from Mayor of the Ikwezi Local Municipality, Sizwe Mngwevu. The Summit is enabled by the Eastern Cape Provincial Government and Ikwezi Local Municipality with the support of Mohair South Africa to rejuvenate the sector and stimulate the rural economy and increase job creation.

The purpose of the Summit is to increase interest in International trade in the Mohair industry, whilst creating a local interest in Mohair as a fibre product. The Summit also aims to create sustainable jobs and business opportunities for local residents of the area. The summit adds to the economic wellbeing of the region with the beautification of the town hall, infrastructure upgrades and increased tourism to Jansenville. The summit is driven by both government and the private sector,"

The Summit programme will include an investors’ conference taking place on the 30th of October, enter by invitation only. This will provide an opportunity for the government to engage possible local and international investors and present them with an investors’ package offering incentive schemes for land rates, water and electricity.Other activities planned for the summit include shearing demonstrations, farm workers' workshops and the display of mohair products.