Executive Mayor and Municipal Manager

The Municipality is headed by Executive Mayor, Cr Khunjuzwa Eunice Kekana and Speaker, Cr Nonkqubela Pieters.

As the executive authority of the council, the Executive Mayor provides political guidance over the policy, budget and financial affairs of the municipality. The Office of the Executive Mayor also implements some high level developmental projects such as "Connect with Cacadu", the innovative information and education system installed in libraries throughout the District.

The Speaker is in charge of the legislative arm of the municipal council. This means that she guards the integrity of the legislative process and plays an important role in the 'oversight' that the council must exercise over the actions of the executive. She is also responsible to ensure that the municipality fulfills its public participation responsibilities.

The Office of the Municipal Manager is the driving force behind the Sarah Baartman District Municipality's administration and integrates all the different components of the municipality into its strategic and operational plans.

The Municipal Manager is ultimately responsible for the three departments; namely Finance and Corporate Services, Infrastructure Services and Economic Development.

The Municipal Manager of the Sarah Baartman District Municipality has direct responsibility for the following areas:

Among the successful projects managed by the Office of the Municipal Manager is Connect with Cacadu. The latter seeks to develop human capital in the district and brings free access to Information Technology services to various points within the Sarah Baartman District. The system was launched three years ago and has since then secured approximately 20 000 users. A total of 34 libraries are equipped with the system, while 173 new computers were donated by the municipality since the launch.

This innovative communication and information tool provides users with:

Municipal Manager: Mr Ted Pillay
Special Programmes and HIV & AIDS Portfolio Councillor: Ms Zoliswa Funiselo