Sarah Baartman District Municipality Council Elected

Sarah Baartman District Municipality Council Elected
The newly elected Executive Mayor of Sarah Baartman District Municipality (SBDM), Cllr Mzimkhulu Njadayi, encouraged all local Municipality Councils to pass a resolution for their municipalities to apply for housing developer status. The Executive Mayor stated that this would ensure that municipalities are able to provide housing to their communities. This was part of the acceptance speech made by the Executive Mayor during the 2021 Inaugural Council meeting held in Addo on 25 November 2021. The Executive Mayor, Cllr Mzimkhulu Njadayi, outlined his plan for the district after being elected with a total of 16 votes, against Cllr Karen Smith (DA) who received 14 votes. Some of the priorities outlined by the Executive Mayor included a more intense focus from the district in supporting local municipalities. He stated that "SBDM will be actively involved in monitoring and where applicable be actively involved in service delivery, ensuring financial sustainability, and promoting good governance in local municipalities." Economic growth through a focus on economic infrastructure was the second priority, the Executive Mayor stated that SBDM will intensify its lobbying efforts and push for major routes to be rebuilt or upgraded. Another important priority mentioned during the acceptance speech was services to communities, this includes focusing on water provision and availability; sanitation; bulk infrastructure development; small town revitalization and upgrading informal settlements. He also indicated that he would focus on the relocation of the SBDM offices to Addo. The Executive Mayor, who was previously the Speaker of Council in Sarah Baartman District Municipality, thanked all Councillors for the manner in which they have worked together for the development of the district. During the meeting, the Speaker of Council was also elected. Cllr Nomhle Gaga (ANC) received 16 votes against Cllr Joseph Britz (DA) who received 14 votes. The Executive Mayor announced that he would be leading the Special Programmes portfolio himself. Therefore only 4 Mayoral Committee Members were announced as follows: Cllr Solethu Lucas - Infrastructure Development and Community Services Cllr Charlene Booysen - Finance Cllr Phindile Faxi - Corporate Services Cllr Zoliswa Funiselo - Planning and Economic Development The Sarah Baartman District Municipality Council consists of 30 Councillors, 12 PR Councillors and 18 council representatives from local municipalities. The list of PR Councillors are as follows: 1. Mzimkhulu Eric Njadayi (ANC) 2. Nomhle Sonia Gaga (ANC) 3. Charlene Tarin Booysen (ANC) 4. Phindile Patrick Faxi (ANC) 5. Zoliswa Funiselo (ANC) 6. Solethu Lucas (ANC) 7. Joseph Hennie Britz (DA) 8. Rory Gailey (DA) 9. Laetitia Erasmus (DA) 10. Robin Jantjies (DA) 11. Joerhan Mey (DA) 12. Nomalungisa Koba (EFF) The list of representatives from local municipalities are as follows: Blue Crane Route Municipality 1. Phandulwazi Sonkwala Dr. Beyers Naude Municipality 1. Daniel Bezuidenhout 2. Adriaan van Heerden 3. Deon de Vos Kouga Municipality 1. Horatio Hendricks 2. Hattingh Bornman 3. Vuyokazi Gunuza 4. Margaret Valgee Koukamma Municipality 1. Nomathamsanqa Sikiwe 2. Richard Krige Makana Municipality 1. Zodwa Cetu 2. Xolani Madyo 3. Mzamo Booysen Ndlambe Municipality 1. Phumlani Khungwayo 2. Sikhumbuzo Venene 3. Xolisa Runeli Sundays River Valley Municipality 1. Nombasa Langbooi 2. Karen Smith

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