SBDM Council Adopts 2022/23 Budget

14 July 2022

The SBDM Council adopted its 2022/2023 Budget today, under the theme ‘ new beginnings’ as this is the first Budget and IDP adopted by the new Council. The district, however, recommitted itself to the following development priorities: 

• Basic Service Delivery and Infrastructure

• Financial Viability and Management

• Local Economic Development

• Good Governance and Public Participation

• Municipal Transformation and Organisational

Development Executive Mayor, Cllr Deon De Vos, during his Budget Speech mentioned that the IDP and Budget has been developed with the principles of the District Development Model (DDM) to ensure that the district works towards addressing the needs of the communities through One District, One Plan and One Budget. The Executive Mayor also noted several challenges facing the district which include poor service delivery; minimal economic development and growth; and water and sanitation crises precipitated by the severe drought and struggling infrastructure. He further stated that the Budget and IDP is focused on improving service delivery, enhancing economic development, financial sustainability and good governance. Executive Mayor De Vos said, “It is vital that we remain focussed on the overall and fundamental commitment to improving the lives of our communities.” He further stated that the district received an unqualified audit and also mentioned that the financial position of the SBDM is becoming precarious and needs a focus on cost containment and revenue enhancement initiatives. After the Mayor’s speech the Council approved the 2022/23 Budget. The total budget amounts to R168 million which includes the following: • Operation Budget – R156 million • Capital Budget – R12 million In terms of Infrastructure Development and Community Services an amount of R8.2 million has been earmarked for fire services. R2 million has been set aside to address water and sanitation challenges and a further R3 million funding from LGSETA for training initiatives for the Water Services Department. SBDM managed to secure R5 million funding from the Provincial Department of Transport for the implementation of a project to rehabilitate and upgrade various taxi routes in Makana Municipality, R3 million has been allocated in this budget and the additional R2 million will be accounted for in the adjustment budget in August 2022. The District also managed to secure R2 million funding from the Department of Economic Development, Environmental Affairs and Tourism (DEDEAT) for a project to remove illegal dumping sites, of which R1 million is allocated for the financial year 2022/23. For Planning and Economic Development a total of R7 million has been allocated to promote and develop tourism in the district. The effect of the Covid-19 pandemic continues to impact this sector and thus it continues to be a priority for the district. The Cacadu Development Agency received a R5.2 million allocation for its continued efforts to promote economic growth within the district. R1.8 million has been allocated to local economic development initiatives. A total of R5.5 million has been set aside for the planned relocation of the SBDM offices to Addo. The relocation of the SBDM offices from Gqeberha to Addo will ensure that the district offices are within its municipal area.

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