Kou-Kamma Municipality

Kou-Kamma Local Municipality is situated in the Sarah Baartman District Municipality alongside the Indian Ocean coastline, in the southwestern area of the Eastern Cape Province. Kou-Kamma spans an area of 3 575.17 square kmĀ² and neighbours the Baviaans Local Municipality in the North and the Kouga Local Municipality to the East.

Kou-Kamma is a relatively poor area, which reports high unemployment and low levels of literacy. Settlements are scattered and situated far from each other, which pose challenges to the development of infrastructure and basic services such as water, sewage, electricity and sanitation.

Kou-Kamma Local Municipality is home to two diverse areas namely the coastal belt, where you will find the well known Tsitsikamma area, which includes settlements such as Storms River, Coldstream and Clarkson and the Langkloof area, which is home to the towns of Kareedouw, Joubertina and Louterwater. The Langkloof is a famous deciduous fruit growing area. The two areas are separated by the Tsitsikamma Mountains.

The administrative centre for the Kou-Kamma Municipality is Kareedouw and approximately 11% of the total population lives here. Joubertina, Ravinia and Tweeriviere accommodates another 11% of the total population and is considered the commercial centre of Kou-Kamma.

Other settlements within the Kou-Kamma Municipality include: Nomphumelelo/Sandrif, Thornham, Woodlands, the Mfengu Farms, Eersterivier, Misgund, Krakeelrivier, Kwaaibrand, Koomansbos, Goesa, Witelsbos and Boskor. These settlements are divided into 5 electoral wards and are governed by a 10-member Council.

Stormsriver is the primary tourism centre within the municipality. The Coastal area is characterised by a diverse and fast-growing economy driven by tourism and agriculture, a fast-growing population linked to the economic opportunities, a good water supply, and a wealth of holiday destinations and indigenous forests. 

Tel: 042 288 7200