Makana Local Municipality

Makana Local Municipality is named after a Xhosa prophet, Makana, and has a population of approximately 70,0000 people. The town of Grahamstown was founded in 1812 as a military outpost by Lieutenant-Colonel John Graham.

Tourism and farming are major industries, while Grahamstown is renowned as Africa's festival capital, being home to the National Arts Festival, amongst others. Apart from Grahamstown, Makana includes the towns and villages of Alicedale, Salem, Seven Fountains, Riebeeck East and Fort Brown.

Makana Municipality consists of 12 wards, of which 3 are found in the rural areas of the Municipality. Grahamstown lies at the heart of the Makana Local Municipality and is situated 55 km from the coast and 130 km from Port Elizabeth and 180 km from East London. Grahamstown is also the seat of Rhodes University, the Eastern Cape High Court and the Magistrate's Court for the Albany District.

As a result of the presence of a High Court, several other related organs of state such as a Masters Office and a Director of Public Prosecutions are present in the city. A few other Government (mostly provincial) departments maintain branches or other offices in Grahamstown. 

Grahamstown has 52 churches of numerous denominations, gaining it the name the City of Saints.

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