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Unati Daniels said she was glad to participate in this important meeting with Yuhang District. China-Africa friendship has a long history, and Sarah Baartman and Hangzhou Yuhang District have continued this friendly exchange, believing that with mutual support, both sides will be able to overcome the pandemic and other challenges and move towards a bright future. Unati Daniels introduced the good resource conditions of Sarah Baartman and the idea of in-depth development of cross-border e-commerce. She warmly invited the people of Yuhang to be guests in Sarah Baartman and experience the local customs and natural environment of South Africa on the ground, and wished the friendship between the two places would be deeper and the development more prosperous.


On behalf of the people's government of Yuhang District, Zhang Jin, vice chairman of the CPPCC, expressed her gratitude to the Cacadu Development Agency and other relevant departments for their efforts in promoting friendly exchanges and cooperation between Yuhang District and Sarah Baartman District and congratulated them on the achievements. She said that Yuhang is a sacred place of thousand-year civilization, a city of innovation and vitality and a district of quality of life, and is now striving to start a new journey to build "a model city of the future, a source of future technology and a leader of future industry", and is striving to build a new center of Hangzhou city, which is in a rare historical opportunity. She hoped that through this conference link, the municipality of Sarah Baartman will have a better understanding of Yuhang and further promote the cooperation and exchange between the two sides. At the same time, she sincerely welcomes friends from all walks of life in South Africa to participate in the development of this hot land in Yuhang and share new opportunities for development.


Located in the western part of the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa, Sarah Baartmn is the largest of the six municipalities (districts) in the Eastern Cape Province and the third largest economy in the Eastern Cape. The local agriculture, tourism and manufacturing industry are the three main economic pillars, and the characteristic aloe ferox products and the unique decaffeinated honey bush tea are popular among international users along with South Africa's rooibos tea. In September 2019, a delegation of Yuhang District Government visited Sarah Baartman district municipality and signed the Memorandum of Understanding on the Establishment of Friendly Exchange Relations, agreeing to cooperate in many fields such as economy and trade, culture and art, and education. Since the cooperation, the two sides have maintained good relations and look forward to a multifaceted friendly cooperation in the future.


On the scene, both sides made presentations on their respective situations, and six enterprise representatives spoke on the conference about its enterprises, business sectors, core products, business layout, etc. It is reported that at present, more than 10 enterprises from various fields on each side have expressed their preliminary cooperation intention.


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